Michael’s Music – This Time Is Yours

This Time Is Yours

This Time is Yours

Lyrics – This Time Is Yours

This time is yours 
To sanctify or bleed 
Do what you will boy 
You’re living your life 
doing only what you need 
This is your sin boy 
                      For God or for gold, you pick a fight 
But what if you’re wrong… that’s right 
There’ll be hell to pay (they’ll be moaning) 
Your plan has gone awry 
                    Cuz everything you do 
And everything you say 
And all your points of view 
                        And all the games you play 
                      Pass on your moments 
Pass on your problems 
Your joy and your tears 
Your courage and your fears 
                      Cuz everything you think 
Within the here and now 
Within there is a link 
To eternity somehow 
Bridge               No, it’s not too late boy 
                        No it’s not too late 
                        So give yourself a break boy 
                        It’s really not too late 
You know it’s not too late 
You’re in an awful state 
But no it’s never too late 
                      With eyes staring cold 
You’re back into the fold 
When your bones have turned to dust 
Your story will be told 
                      Everything you do 
And everything you say 
You will be reimbursed 
For better or for worse 
                      How you choose to live 
The things you’ve got to give 
The things you left behind 
They’re felt through all of time 
                      You love or you hate 
                        It’s a life that you create 
                        Whatever will you do 
                        It’s really up to you 
                        It’s really up to you 
                        Yes it’s really up to you 

Photo – Phuket, Thailand – While stopping to buy a bottle of gas for our rented scooter, Michael spots a guitar and starts playing it.

The present world… this reality we are living in… is, in a very real way, a consequence of an infinite number of things that happened in the past. Kindness or evil… love and compassion or hate and judgement, reverberate through time, affecting the world in a profound way. The words, actions, choices, decisions of people that lived ten thousand years ago are directly responsible, for good or for bad, the state of our present world. 

In exactly the same way, our words, actions, choices and decisions have the power to ripple out through eternity, expanding outward with each generation transformed, with an effect impossible to measure. Hate will never conquer hate. Relentless, unconditional, selfless love is the only effective weapon against evil, through its influence on the future. Make love, not war. Make peace, not hate. Be kind, not mean. Be helpful, not indifferent. The future shall be written through our words, actions, choices and decisions, and though your name may be forgotten your legacy never shall.


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  1. mama says:

    LOVE IT!!! 👏 Lyrics and sound track. 👍 Michael, your lyrics really grasped the pulse of life. As a woman of strong faith your words truly touched me. This could be a hymn / or / homily at faith services in every denomination. Powerful words and so very true. ✝️ Shalom Michael💖🥰

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