Christmas Moments – 2021

Managing COVID Stress

As the holiday season approached, while working in the public education system during COVID and having to be vaccinated against my will to keep my job and not understanding why the h%$$ COVID numbers are rising at an alarming rate, when a high percentage of Nova Scotians are vaccinated…..

According to, between December 9th and 16th – 67.2 per cent of people with COVID were vaccinated.

This does not make sense to me!

I was feeling a bit pissed off…and very confused about the actual TRUTH about COVID. I don’t believe the government. I’ve lost faith in their words. Something isn’t right about this….something isn’t right…

So, in this crazy energy and not wanting to fall into the fear frenzy, I said F$%K it and went kayaking in a morning snow storm. I needed the cold temperatures and snowy conditions to make me feel alive as I shut down/numb out to cope against the many layers of stress COVID creates – mainly the vaccination debate.

I hate it.

My body.

My choice.

I’m an anti-vaccinator.

I am only vaccinated to keep my job.

The government took my freedom of choice away. My freedom to decide if and when to vaccinate.

More Tragedy

A few days before Christmas I found out that family friends lost their business of 30 years to fire. I suddenly found myself driving to Fergusons Cove then standing on Andrew and Lisa’s front doorstep.

I was probably a bit too happy to see everyone, but in a way, I felt like I was home. Everything felt so familiar, even though it was my first time at their house.

I knew Andrew as a child and he left a lasting legacy on me. He owned a pet store called Animal House and it was in that store that I developed my love of animals and aquariums.

Magic of Christmas

Mila and Laya started our Christmas holidays off with a Buddy the Elf styled breakfast then later that day, presented Michael and I with an early and very special gift for us…

Michael the Naughty Elf

The evening of December 23rd, Michael was a naughty elf, climbing roof rafters!

Lucy the Naughty Elf

The morning of December 24th, Lucy was discovered on her swing WAY up in the ceiling rafters. This naughty little elf left gifts for everyone (not so naughty I guess!) to open Christmas Eve.

Luke, I Am Your Father

Christmas Eve day, Mila watched Star Wars with me as I puttered around, getting ready for Christmas Day.

Boxing Day, Mila, Laya and I started a Harry Potter movie-a-thon!

Nanny’s Meat Pie Rebooted to Nanny’s Non-Meat Meat Pie

Nanny’s meat pie has always been a family tradition! I followed Nanny’s beef meat pie recipe but replaced beef with plant-based crumble. I also added a few peas! It turned out great!

Grandpa’s Tree House

A few months ago, grandpa (Michael) started building our grandkids a treehouse in their backyard. He did a big push to have it ready for Christmas Eve! His idea was to decorate it with lots of lights to make it magical. The burgundy bin has gifts in it for them.

The game begins with clues that guides them to the treehouse. They climb the magically lit tree house to discover the gifts to bring back to the house to put under the tree to open Christmas morning!

Grandpa’s Tree House Discovered!

After solving all the clues in succession that were hidden around the house, the grandkids went to the treehouse.

This was an absolute Christmas Eve surprise for them!

The grandkids were SO surprised and delighted with grandpa’s completed tree house!

They are SO excited for the summer to sleep under the stars on it!

Colors of Christmas

Blended Families

Life imitating television imitating life! We’re a Modern Family!

I hope your Christmas was filled with lots of love, laughter and joy…

Stephanie, 🎄

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  1. mama says:

    Good morning grandma, you have had an interesting Christmas break right down to keeping nanny’s meat pie a family tradition.👍 Grandpa sure did his part to make the grandchildren’s day a big surprise.😳😳😳as they found the tree house. How cool is that!!! Wishing you all a Happy New Year💚 and all the very best in 2022🎉💚💜 with the hopes it all be filled with love and hugs, shared by all our family.🤗🥰

    1. Thanks mama!!! Right back atcha!!! ❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️

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