Let It Snow! My First Nova Scotian Snow in Four Years!

After four years of living in the desert climate of Qatar, I’m now back in Nova Scotia and just experienced my first snowfall of the season!  It was “Big Snow – Little Snow” – meaning big snow flakes that don’t last long.

My drive home from work as the rain starts to turn to snow.. I begin to feel an excited wish for snow!!

2019 - HRM, Nova Scotia - Rain starts to turn to snow

Snowflakes start to form as I arrive in Windsor!

2019 - Windsor, Nova Scotia - Snowflakes start to form!

In Windsor, snow turns into Big Snow Little Snow

2019 - Windsor, Nova Scotia - Big snow flakes starting to pile up on my eyelashes!

2019 - Windsor, Nova Scotia - An almost full moon shines down on the snow that lightly dusts the farm lands

The sun rises in our little cabin in the woods as the dusting of snow hasn’t yet melted away!

2019 - Windsor, Nova Scotia - Big snow flakes making big snow!

The sun rising through the snow dusted trees!

The sun infuses our little cabin in the woods!

2019 - Windsor, Nova Scotia - Sun light infuses the cabin!

I’ve missed the snow!!!  It is so magical and cosy….

S, 🙂

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  1. mama says:

    Love the snow flake on your eyelid, perfect timing! Great photo’s!

    1. Thanks mama!!!!!!! xoxo

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