Blue Beach, Hantsport, Nova Scotia

Blue Beach was a first for me, but a well known walk for my friend Liz who lives in Windsor.  Blue Beach has a tidal range of 16 meters and is known as a significant fossil location.

Everything about this beach is Nova Scotia – gorgeous landscape, water edging the landscape, and some fossils along the way!

2019 - Blue Beach, Hantsport, Nova Scotia - Arriving at the beach from the forest path

2019 - Blue Beach, Hantsport, Nova Scotia - Pooh Bear and Stanfield

Check out the rocks!

Check out the waterfall!

Fossilized plants!

Icicles on the cliff!

The cliffs…

The beach offers a beautiful view of Nova Scotia’s famous Cape Blomidon.  You can see Blomidon way off in the distance in this picture!

2019 - Blue Beach, Hantsport, Nova Scotia - Waterfall along the cliffs that line the beach

This is a must see in Nova Scotia!  Speaking of an amazing province…Liz and I had lunch at a winery, Bent Ridge with a view of a ski hill, Martock before we walked this beach!  So, here in this province, within a reasonable driving distance – you can ski, visit a winery then walk a fossilized beach that is only one of two in the entire world!  Just sayin… this is an awesome province! Kinda reminds me of a mini Europe!

Nova Scotian proud!

S, <3

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