An Evening of Music in Upper Vaughn, Nova Scotia

This was the last Monday of the month, evening music jam at the South West Hants Fire Station in Upper Vaughn.  Upper Vaughn is up on a low mountain, within farming country here in Nova Scotia!  The crowd was totally country, in lifestyle and in music!  Michael is a rocker, a BC boy with different music in his soul!

Yet, here he braved his varied musical genre amongst a singular country evening, mixed with a bit of blues!

Here is the audience!2019 - Music Jam in Upper Vaughn - The crowd

I’ll start with the perfect example of what the musical evening would be!  Of all the musicians, I was drawn to these two! They had sparkly eyes of happiness, laughter and they played well together!!

2019 - Music Jam in Upper Vaughn - My two favorite musicians after Michael!

Here they are playing together!

Michael was next and started with a bit of a warm up…

Next was the Irish song – Fiddlers Green.

Fiddlers Green – Michael Millette

Michael finished with his own song, Live Right Now

Live Right Now – Michael Millette

I had a delightful evening as I am a country girl at heart, and enjoyed hearing some of my old time favorites like George Jones’ He Stopped Loving Her Today. I sang along at the top of my voice!

I am so very proud of my husband Michael, as I admired and respected his courage to share his music and his talent as it shone like a bright light this night! It takes such courage to perform in front of others!

S, 🙂

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  1. mama says:

    Wish a fun night.! Michael’s singing came through just great.❤️
    Glad some of our country music stayed with you Stephanie.Remember a song by John Conley? Hope they played it for you.😘 mama 😍

    1. Ah, yes!!! Rose Colored Glasses!!! I will request that song at the next music night!!! 🙂

  2. dvkanobie says:

    A link in case you want to go back in time.
    If you were singing at the top of your voice you were in the right place.

  3. I love this song!!!!!! Thanks DV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Librarylady says:

    I know I’m a little late chiming in here, but I just wrote about a similar experience and was looking for more posts on Nova Scotia. What a fun music jam. I wish I could have been there. Your Husband must be a great teacher. Thanks for sharing.

    1. There are talented musicians in so many nooks and crannies around Nova Scotia! Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit! My husband is a great teacher… I passed your compliment onto him! Have a joyful day!!!! 🌻🌻🌻

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