Deciding To Learn To Skydive

God Placed the Best Things in Life on the Other Side of Fear

That is what Will Smith says about skydiving. His video of overcoming the fear of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane basically describes my own tandem experience!

These are the Reasons I’ve Decided to Learn to Skydive:

  • How excited my husband was that I participated in a sport he has loved for most of his life
  • Overcoming fear – there was this process of coming out of shock, resulting from the overwhelming terror I felt as we exited the plane that transitioned to pure joy during freefall!
  • Confidence. It takes a certain level of confidence to take the calculated risk of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

Dream It And It Can Happen

Michael has talked about driving our 5th wheel to a drop zone in Arizona, where we would spend a winter skydiving there.

This is where I would learn to skydive.

The idea of it – the dream of doing this – is very compelling for me. Fits me.

Where Do I Begin?

My first steps towards jumping out of perfectly good airplane are:

  • Studying the sport of skydiving by reading manuals and books,
  • Practice positioning to gain muscle memory and
  • Hang out at the drop zone to realize that jumping out of a perfectly good plane is a calculated risk and as unscary as bowling!

Back To Fear

Overcoming fear is perhaps the most significant reason I want to learn to skydive. Fear – anxiety – worry – in many aspects of my life – have hindered me frozen – like deer in headlights.

Vulnerability – placing my life on the parachute on my back – is learning to trust.

What If I Don’t Follow Through With This Personal Goal?

I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it. As of this moment, I can feel the visceral fear in my chest – when I think about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane – but this fear is what I want to overcome.

Because, as Will Smith says, God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear.

S, 🪂

October 31st, 2020- Capital City Skydiving - The free fall!

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