Moments – Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia


I am by no means an expert on flowers. I have no idea what most of these beauties are called – except for the thistles, hydrangeas and pink dogwood tree – that really isn’t a flower – but flowers!


These gentle animals wander around into yards, along the side of streets, everywhere… as much as part of the community as the people here! There seems to be this knowing, awareness of this; deer stroll along the side of main roads…. fearless. And what is so very different from my hometown province of Nova Scotia is not once have a I witnessed someone hitting a deer while driving – an all to common, and very upsetting occurrence in my hometown province. Not to mention, I have yet to see one animal killed by drivers here – zero road kill!! Again, an all too common, and upsetting sight along roads and highways in Nova Scotia…

This is a bit of a rant… but I am left wondering how and why it is that the wildlife here in Campbell River, and across Vancouver Island seem so much more protected than the wildlife in Nova Scotia?

Maybe Vancouver Island has a much faster road kill clean-up crew than Nova Scotia? But, I don’t think so.

Feathered Friends

Eagles are abound here in Campbell River! Same as hummingbirds! Hummingbirds live here year round! Lucky!!

The Duck Pond

There is a duck pond behind our house. The neighborhood is built around the small pond and is a common walking location for many people in the neighborhood, who visit the pond and feed the ducks!

Most evenings includes a walk around the pond with our dog, then a return to the pond without the dog to feed the ducks with duck food pellets. Well, it is actually a bag of otter food from the local feed store – that was sold to us as duck food!

The walk around the duck pond is very beautiful. It reminds me of my childhood on Cape Breton Island while staying with my grandparents, and playing in the large field neighboring their home.

The Trees

Oh, the trees! The trees here are so tall, and some are so old…rainforest old. I’m not sure rainforest old is a thing, but is an attempt to communicate how ancient the forests feel here…

There are a million shades of green. The ferns are the size of bushes. Everywhere I look, I see beauty within the forests…

The Ocean

I haven’t spent as much time as I’d like both by and on the water, as I’ve been staying close to home, busy with home improvements to sell our house. That said, next week I’ve a day trip planned to Quadra Island and an afternoon of kayaking. If all goes well, I’ll plan a weekly excursion to Quadra Island for kayaking.

Campbell River is located along the eastern coastline of Vancouver Island.

Small, Private Airplanes, Floatplanes and Skydiving

Along with skydiving, flying planes is part of the cultural norm here. My husband Michael is co-owner of a Rans Coyote S6 and a lifelong skydiver who was active in the BC Summer Games – Parachuting from 1980 to 2000. 2000 was the last year for parachuting at the summer games, and that final year Michael won senior gold for accuracy.

Campbell River has its own airport with a drop zone. When weather permits, a plane is in constant flight over the neighborhood, leaving a trail of skydivers in its wake. It is really cool to watch, say while mowing the lawn and look up to see four-five colorful parachutes twirling towards the earth!

The pictures below are the airstrip in Courtenay – The Courtenay Airpark. I’ve yet to visit the Campbell River Airport. Michael and I will, now that the drop zone is open!

The Courtenay Airpark

Painted Rocks

COVID-19 brought in influx of painted rocks throughout the town. Michael and I joined in the fun and added our own flavor to the mix.

I’m an avid runner. During my usual morning run, there are a variety of painted rocks with positive messages sprinkled along the pathways. Great energy!

I see a lot of wisdom and humor in these pictures! This slug is moving across his mountain!

Michael and I’s addition to the painted rocks at the duck pond!


Typically, I’m in bed quite early in the evenings, as I’m an early riser. However, the 16-17 hours of daylight illuminates the bedroom until 10:30pm, even with the blinds closed! I’ve had to adapt my sleep habits!

Odds & Sods

The slugs are ginormous! Driftwood is everywhere! So are garden boxes! And bears! One visited our backyard – leaving some scat behind as proof. I didn’t include that picture. Poop isn’t very aesthetically pleasing.

Campbell River is full of so much beauty and wonder! I just love it here!

S, 🌻

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  1. I love Vancouver Island and all of its nature. Sounds like you’re loving it there. Thanks for the great ‘tour’ of Campbell River.

    1. Hey Maggie!!! Hello!!! Yes, it is very wonderful here….like Nova Scotia on steroids! Everything is bigger… trees, mountains, ferns, etc… ☺️ The vibe here is really chilled, unique in its own way. 🌻

  2. I’ve never been, but now I definitely want to go!!! Thanks for all the amazing photos!!

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