We’re Not Living in the Middle East Now! Time to Update my Blog to Reflect This!

Michael and I no longer live in the Middle East!

We’re not sure where we will be living!!

We are Canadian citizens.  But non-resident.

We don’t have a home in Canada. The house on Vancouver Island has tenants.

We don’t have jobs.

We are in this weird limbo….

However, this is SUCH an exciting time because the world is out there, before us… and we have the opportunity to ask ourselves…. what do we REALLY want to do?

We’re in India now, for 6 weeks to give us time to start pondering this limbo….

So, now it is time to update my bio – because we don’t live in the Middle East anymore:


As well, my tag line will have to change because this East Coast Gal doesn’t live in the Middle East anymore!


I’m not quite sure what to write….I’ll probably change my bio and tag line numerous times until I find what exactly describes this limbo…..

S, 🙂

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  1. bionicOldGuy says:

    sounds like it’s still and adventure!

    1. True!!!! Uncertainty is always a part of an adventure!

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