Halifax, Nova Scotia – Final Days

My final days in Halifax were spent with family, friends and eating food that just isn’t the same in Doha!

The day before I left – I had a BodyTalk session with my Reiki Master who is in training to be a BodyTalk Practitioner. I was very much in the middle of my 21 day Reiki cleanse after receiving my Level 3A – Reiki Master/Advanced Practitioner Level – and was in major transformation mode……the BodyTalk session was so powerful….


After my session I walked to have breakfast at one of my favorite little breakfast diners at the Ardmore Tea Room.

Walking along the inner cove of the Northwest Arm.  The Dingle Tower is off in the distance – to the right.


I was really excited to see a tree carving on a yard along Quinpool Road – especially after all the tree carvings in Courtenay, Vancouver Island!  An eagle on a tree!!

Flowers and trees as I walked along Quinpool Road.  the weather was humid, overcast with drizzle….I enjoyed every moment of the rain before heading back to the desert in the Middle East!

At last, I arrived at my destination!


I enjoyed a crispy bacon eggs benny with a side of crispy bacon!!  Pork Bacon!!!!!!!!


Michael met me as I walked back to our Airbnb apartment – we enjoyed a moment as it started to rain!!!


My last day was more food!

But before I talk about the food – cool license plate – a license plate from the province of New Brunswick!


The morning before I went to the airport – Michael and I stopped for breakfast at the Sunnyside Restaurant in Bedford. I had more crispy eggs benny with a side of crispy bacon and a side of fried boloney!!!!!! I had a fruit cup instead of home fries!!!!  hee hee!!!

Well, it was time to start my journey back to Qatar…..it was time to say goodbye to Halifax for another year!


First stopover – Montreal, Quebec – in the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.  It was time for some pasta!!!!!  Montreal Style at Archibald Microbrasserie! I had mushroom and prosciutto linguine in a rose sauce with parmesan cheese… it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next stopover was in Casablanca, Morocco at the Mohammed V International Airport. Here my food choices were not so varied as the Montreal airport!!!  I had a burger and fries from the food court – wasn’t bad……the fries were tasty!

So after 32 hours of travel – I was back in my other home in Doha, Qatar!!!!!!

S, xo

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  1. Tish Millette says:

    Looks like another wonderful summer break. You are certainly blessed to have such extended time off each summer.
    Love your adventures. You have inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone and try Eggs Benedict. 🤗Tish

    1. Hee hee!!! Let me know when you try eggs benny!!! Love ya sister!!! <3 <3

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