Spring Break 2018 – Staycation!

With our recent return from two weeks in Canada and Michael not having the same time off as me, well he only gets two days off but not even on the same week – I decided not to travel this week. This week is Spring Break for me. This was an easy decision but not an easy decision as many coworkers are traveling to places like Greece, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Scotland, Pakistan, India, Spain, Turkey, Jordan, London, Morocco, Kenya and so on………

I thought about Jordan.  To see Petra & The Treasury then travel to swim in the Dead Sea.  Michael has already been, as our agreement is that when we travel alone – we go to places the other has already been so we don’t miss a new experience together.  I could have booked a hotel near The Treasury and hiked and so on…..

But I’m still jet legged from Canada.  And I just want time to putter.  To not follow a schedule.  To get little things done around the villa and in our potted plant garden.  Spend time at the pool.  Cook. Read.  Go to the beach.  Sleep in. Spend an afternoon at the Museum of Islamic Art. Write poetry every morning.  Go to the gym.  Nap.  Get a pedicure.  A Thai massage.  Make Thai food…..

Just relax and recharge……

Here are some moments so far of my staycation!

Bentley Bentayga Sport Utility Crossover

Bentley Bentayga Sport Utility Crossover anyone?  At least I think this is what model of Bentley this is!!  Not mine sadly…….


Bird Anyone?

Or how about a blue and gold macaw?


Cucumber Smoothie


Blueberry Smoothie


Camel Farm in Al Khor


Dust Storm

Desert Gardening

Harvesting the last of the tomatoes from our CNAQ garden!


Sneak Peak

And a sneak peak of some of the flowers in our potted plant garden that I’m still working on!!

S, 🇶🇦

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  1. The smoothies look delicious and refreshing.!!! The last tomato in Michael hand will be taste great in a salad. You flowers are so bright and beautiful and alive … Now the CNAQ garden needs a wee bit of work to compare to your garden. Love ya mama xoxoxo

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