Moments – Essex, Ontario

Here are random moments of county, country life here in Essex, Ontario!

Or just moments of what it is like, for me, to be back in Canada!

For example…

Tim Hortons coffee here is the REAL deal!  Yes, we’ve tasted Tim Hortons in places as remote as the Saudi Arabian Jeddah Airport.  But nothing is as REAL as a Timmies in Canada!  Now on to sweet and sour chicken balls.  Canadian sweet and sour chicken balls are NOT the real deal that I’ve come to love because in the Middle east, sweet and sour chicken is chicken not encased in a batter then deep fried – it’s chicken meat only in sweet and sour sauce!  So I’ve been gorging here on sweet and sour chicken Canadian style!!  🙂


Then on to sights along the way……

Wouldn’t be right without an evening of beverages and pool! This gal from Nova Scotia holding her own against two Ontario brothers!!!


I’ll save the best for last…..

A law firm on main street – Talbot Street – called Wolf Hooker. Probably defense lawyers.


S, xo

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  1. Tish Millette says:

    Looks like you enjoyed your visit with Dad. Safe travels home. xox Tish

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