Al Samariyah Equestrian Centre – Hack Ride – Mafnood

Today a new horse was presented to me for my morning ride around the farm.  This horse needed a crop as this horse likes to find a patch of sand, and wants to roll – doesn’t matter that I’m on his back! The crop gently reminds him that he can’t do that!

However, what happened along the way was a horse who liked to try and eat as much greenery as he could and would trot and canter on command with little effort; who had a beautiful canter at that! But did spook easily – one time bolting a bit, tossing my upper body back to then shift forward to balance and gain control.  I didn’t fall off!!

These horses are not the docile horses I am accustomed to back in Nova Scotia.

I was nipped, bitten – twice today.  First on the arm by a horse who decided he had enough of me playing with his mouth.  The second on the leg by Mafnood who wanted the carrots I had in my hand for him as I led him to his stall.

These horses have personality!

Today’s ride was beautiful…..goats grazing under the date palms, oryxes in their field, peacocks all over the place………the warm sun beating down through the trees……

I went to see Farfoor.  After listening to the Director of the stable tell me that Farfoor is a difficult horse to reach, I decided to back off a bit – not request to ride him – and gain my confidence back on a horse that offers more stability – Mafnood.

Next week it looks like I have the opportunity to start bonding with Mafnood with riding him in the arena after work through the week.  I’m not sure what this will look like.  I just make a call to the stable. say I’m coming and want to ride Mafnood….

Till next week….

S, 🇶🇦

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