Al Samariyah Equestrian Centre – Hack Ride – Patcher

Today I rode one of the horses from the middle stable. My horse, Patcher, a French Arabian race horse was a dream to ride!  I rode with staff member Josh, from England.  Josh is a retired jockey because of injury. Josh is here to train race horses.

First, here are a few sights this morning when I arrived:

One of the Shetland Ponies… the bench used to close them in!


An Arabian getting hosed down.

Goofing around!

My horse, Patcher:Al Samariyah Equestrian Centre - Hack Ride on Patcher

Hack Ride on Patcher

We’re off…… to ride around Sheik Faisal’s farm…..

Al Samariyah Equestrian Centre - Hack Ride on Patcher on Sheik Faisal's Estate

Peacocks on Sheik Faisal’s Estate

Love moment!  See the peacocks in the background!

Pretty Moment


Riding to See Sheik Faisal’s Museum

Lion’s Cage

Arriving at the museum, and there is the lion’s cage without a lion.  Story is the lion escaped and was shot. 😢

Approaching Sheikh Faisal’s Museum

Riding To See The Cheetah at Sheik Faisal’s Museum


Can you spot the cheetah?


Video:  The cheetah is curious and comes to see us

Video – Cheetah and Horses

Ride by one of the Royal Villas on the grounds


The Sheikh’s hangout place for he and all his male friends



Next stop…..the oryxes…..what was cool was that they, like the cheetah…were curious about us and came for a closer look!


Today was so amazing, I am still high on the adventure!!  I return next week to ride again with Josh.

S, 🇶🇦

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  1. Tish Millette says:

    What beautiful horses. I would love to spend a day riding. Fabulous.

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