Prague, Czech Republic – Final Days – Food!

Oh Some Yummy!

During the final two days of our stay in Prague (and our vacation), we focused on relaxing as well as food and drink.

S, 🇨🇿

Yum Yum!

We enjoyed a ginormous burrito, squash soup with ham, a blue cheese cheeseburger and homemade chips.

Chlebíčky – Open Faced Sandwiches

I walked to a local cafe one morning to find us coffee and something for breakfast. Here I found chlebíčky, open faced sandwiches.

Czech Beer

At a local restaurant we enjoyed Czech beer, more mozzarella cheese wrapped in bacon, beef (more like a slice of meatloaf) smothered in cream sauce with dumplings, spinach gnocchi, and an after meal aperitif.

Final Food & Drink

Our final food and drink was at the Prague airport of goulash, sausage, pretzel, plum cake and Czech beer.

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