Phuket, Thailand – Moments

Sunset, Karon Beach Interesting Trees Souvenir Shops in Patong We bought three of the wood-carved twisted, bizarre  faces!!  We noticed the name of the shop after the fact…..very fitting for the area!!  😉 Interesting Decor Umbrellas hanging above the entrance of a restaurant.  An ice cream shop with a close up of gum drops sold within….

Phuket, Thailand – Karon Beach – The Beach and First Glimpse of a Few of the Many Streets

Karon Beach The rain stopped after a few hours, so early afternoon we went down to the pool, chilled, then went for a walk along Karon Beach.  Karon Beach is the third longest beach on Phuket Island, so we rock-paper-scissored to decide to walk the left half or walk the right half. We walked right. Remains…