Flying Things In Trees

Turkey Vultures – Nova Scotia, Canada

As a born and raised Nova Scotian, can’t say I’ve ever noticed Turkey Vultures until last year. My eyes are always drawn to the skies when I see birds flying overhead, as I look for bald eagles. Lately, I’ve noticed turkey vultures. I can always tell a turkey vulture by their wobbly “V” shaped wing formation as they soar overhead.

Another first, was seeing a group or a “wake” of turkey vultures in a tree. I actually pulled over, to take these pictures because I couldn’t believe it!

What was really interesting was the second time I noticed them, was that they returned to the same tree and that a few were holding their wings out like cormorants do when drying their wings. According to Kern River Reserve, when a turkey vulture holds its wings out, it is called a horaltic pose.

Giant Fruit Bats or Indian Flying Fox – Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka

Since I am on the topic of groups of flying things in trees, I thought I’d bring in these cool giant fruit bats that were hanging around in a rain tree. They were very big bats! We stopped to take these pictures of the bats hanging in one of the many rain trees that lined the side of the road we were driving on.

Considered vermin because they raid fruit trees, they are more important because they help pollinate and spread seeds around for plant growth and population.

Giant Fruit Bats or Indian Flying Fox – Kandooma Fushi Island, South Malé Atoll, Maldives

Same bats, this time in the Maldives. We stood under the trees and watched them fly above us! Very freaky!

Well, that is my little ditty about flying things in trees! It was fun revisiting travel pictures as travel isn’t as free an option now, because of COVID.

Another little fact, is that I would have preferred a turkey vulture picture as the feature photo, but the quality of the photos aren’t that great as I took them with my iPhone. The bat photos I took with the zoom lens on my Canon camera!

Have a happy day!

Hope you see some flying things sitting in trees today! If you see something fun, share a photo here with me in the comments (if that option is possible!).

S, 🦇

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