Shoubak, Jordan – The Smallest Hotel in the World

The Smallest Hotel in the World happened just before the Montreal Castle!

The Montreal Castle, or Montreal Crusader Castle, or Shoubak Castle or Shobak Castle was our next destination after Mount Nebo.

The drive from Mount Nebo to Montreal Castle was beautiful!

At times, the scenery was very yellow with fields of wheat and barley!IMG_4594Then the landscape started to change!fullsizeoutput_a36dThis is a gypsy camp. Gypsies are also called Dom or Bani Murra or Nawar (unclean), and considered outcasts by the Jordanian people.fullsizeoutput_a36eCaves in the sandstone, limestone and granite rock formations!fullsizeoutput_a371fullsizeoutput_a370fullsizeoutput_a364fullsizeoutput_a372The stone houses date back to the 1700’s, and according to our driver Walid – they are not restored – in their original state!fullsizeoutput_a375fullsizeoutput_a376fullsizeoutput_a390View of our destination – Montreal Castle!fullsizeoutput_a363

However, just before the Montreal Castle is this little souvenir and coffee shop….fullsizeoutput_a38efullsizeoutput_a38f

…..that runs the Smallest Hotel in the World, located just across the road from it!fullsizeoutput_a378I seem to remember Walid telling us the cost for an overnight stay in the renovated VW Beetle was 1 JOD?  Perhaps?  Because the room is without air conditioning, a bathroom, internet, electricity…..  🙂

The cosy interior!



No Canadian flag!  We wished we had one to leave there!

There is a cave entrance next to the little souvenir shop…. just behind the brown rugs hanging for sale.fullsizeoutput_a38fInside the cave.fullsizeoutput_a391

Very cool!

Next stop, Montreal Castle!

S, 🙂

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  1. mama says:

    What I find fascinating are the caves in the sandstone, limestone and granite rock formations! Wonder if they were ever a home to people in days gone by? As for the Smallest Hotel … 👀😳🙄 someone in Shoubak has a good sense of humour 😂 xoxo

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