Dhiban, Jordan – Wadi Mujib – Jordan’s Grand Canyon

After Mount Nebo, our driver Walid told us our next stop was the Grand Canyon of Jordan!

After driving along Highway 35 (or more famously known as the King’s Highway) for about an hour, we stopped at a roadside lookout. This lookout is within the small village district of Dhiban.

This is what we saw!

In the distance, looking south from where we stood is the beginning of Wadi Mujib – Mujib Damn and water reserve. fullsizeoutput_a339

Close up of the twisty road beneath us!fullsizeoutput_a338fullsizeoutput_a339

Close up of Mujib Damn.fullsizeoutput_a348fullsizeoutput_a33bfullsizeoutput_a33d

The pictures don’t really reflect the natural beauty and colors of the wadi.

I’m not sure of our exact elevation at this lookout, but the highest level of Wadi Mujib is 1300 meters.

Then turning around, this would be looking northwest up into Wadi Mujib.fullsizeoutput_a33ffullsizeoutput_a33eClose up of the canyon rock ledges.fullsizeoutput_a341Close up of the wadi below.fullsizeoutput_a340fullsizeoutput_a343fullsizeoutput_a344fullsizeoutput_a345

There were a couple of bedouins selling souvenirs at the lookout spot!fullsizeoutput_a34b

I bought a small item from this man!fullsizeoutput_a34a

Next stop….Montreal!!!

But not the Montreal you’re thinking of!  😉

S, 🙂

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