Barcelona, Spain – Sagrada Familia Basilica – The Interior

We entered the basilica via the central doors of the Nativity Facade.  What we first saw as we entered was the entrance on the other side of the basilica – the interior entrance via the Passion Facade with a statue of the Virgin Mary.

fullsizeoutput_809fThe ceiling above the statue of the Virgin Mary:


fullsizeoutput_80cafullsizeoutput_80c9The Alter:

fullsizeoutput_80c1fullsizeoutput_80c6fullsizeoutput_80bfThe ceiling above the alter then moving back to the center of the ceiling.

fullsizeoutput_80c3fullsizeoutput_80c4fullsizeoutput_80c7A Winged Lion represents Gospel writer Mark.

fullsizeoutput_80c0Each side of the church, filled with stained glass and a choir loft –  has a different color meaning – the red/orange side is the Death of Jesus Side  – the Passion Facade on that side of the church.  The blue/green side is the Birth of Jesus Side – the Nativity Facade on that side of the church.

The sun was setting – illuminating the Death of Jesus Side of the church with a fiery red glow…..

IMG_1391fullsizeoutput_80a2fullsizeoutput_80a3fullsizeoutput_80cffullsizeoutput_80d0fullsizeoutput_80d1The blue/green Birth of Jesus side of the church:

fullsizeoutput_80a4fullsizeoutput_80d2fullsizeoutput_80ceThe Main Doors of the church are not yet complete…  and will have the full Lord’s prayer in Catalan and the excerpt “Give us, O Lord, our daily bread” in 50 different languages.

fullsizeoutput_80d4fullsizeoutput_80d3Looking back at the Nativity Facade interior entrance.  I forget who the statue is of…..

fullsizeoutput_80d6This is either the elevator casing that takes people up to the Top View on the Passion Facade side or the steps taking people down from the Top View…

fullsizeoutput_80ccThese are the bronze doors leading out to the Passion Facade:


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