Remember Bob?

Naming our kitten who adopted us has been a two month process.  He is our Middle East kitten so he has to have a name that reflects that!  But Bob sorta stuck at the beginning….and suits him because he is such a goofy kitty!  We then decided that we’d give him a second name that connects to Qatar and we decided on Jazeera – the name of the compound we live in, where Bob was born and where we met!

So let me reintroduce Bob Jazeera!!


Bob Jazeera sometimes likes to lay down while he eats, because eating is so hard….


Bob Jazeera likes to sleep upside down….


And try to catch and eat whatever is moving on my computer screen.  And that works for Bob Jazeera because he is laying down!

Well, that’s all for now folks!!

S, 🇶🇦

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  1. Patricia Arnoldin says:

    That’s sweet!

  2. He’s pretty cute!!! 🙂 xo

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