Phuket, Thailand – Karon Beach – The Beach and First Glimpse of a Few of the Many Streets

Karon Beach

The rain stopped after a few hours, so early afternoon we went down to the pool, chilled, then went for a walk along Karon Beach.  Karon Beach is the third longest beach on Phuket Island, so we rock-paper-scissored to decide to walk the left half or walk the right half. We walked right.

Remains of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

There is a strong rip current at this beach, and after the mornings rain storm the tropical blue waters were a sandy brown. Karon Beach was hit during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.  At the end of the beach there is the dilapidated remains of what looks to have been a home.  We wondered if this home is a last remaining result of the tsunami? It is an odd feeling knowing we are at one of the locations where this horrific tragedy took place.

The parasailing on the beach is big business. It is crazy and appears not safe or regulated!!  A guy hangs off the lines, without a harness, to control the parasail!!!!  Michael also noticed a rip in one of them!!

Atop one of the hills off in the distance, called the Nakkerd Hills, sits a huge statue of Buddha.

Renting a Scooter

The “other side” of what Thailand is known for appears to be simmering underneath.  The door is opened a crack, for those who want to open it.  Perhaps because there are so many families in the area, that this darker side of Karon Village stays beneath the surface?  I’m not sure?  This is my first time to Thailand.  But, I’ve heard stories and so far I’ve seen nothing of what I’ve heard.  

After supper we planned to rent a scooter and drive to Patong. Michael went to the village to check out scooter prices while I remained at the hotel waiting for the impossibly slow internet to upload pictures for this blog!  Not too far from the hotel, he was approached by a prostitute. Shortly after, when we returned to the area together, she didn’t even acknowledge him as Michael pointed her out to me.  I guess a man walking alone, without his family signals fair game!  

Fish Foot Spa

We decided to hold off renting the scooter and walked around the village.  We played a game of pool and tried the Fish Foot Spa!!  I couldn’t handle it because it tickled SO much and felt SO weird!!  Michael lasted a bit, just a bit longer than me and he too found the sensations of hundreds of fish eating the dead skin off your legs and feet too much!!! We also noticed that the larger, more main street restaurants were packed, realizing that when we ate supper earlier at the hotel no one was there because hotel prices vs street prices!

Electric Weather

The weather was electric as lighting illuminated the sky.  I managed to get one picture – not the best quality – but I got one!!!  Soon after I took the picture, we left the many restaurants, bars, massage parlors and shops behind and went back to the hotel and hit the sack!!

More adventures tomorrow!!!

S, 🇹🇭

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  1. mamakenobi says:

    Excellent post, loved the pictures of you both as you enjoy life in Thailand, and experiencing their culture. Scooter day should be fun. Take care of each other. Love mama xoxoxo is snowing here today 🙁


  2. Shirley Trottier says:

    Hi lady in pink, looking good. Test only to see if I was able to change my name. Love to you both….mama xoxoxoxoxo

  3. DV says:

    Good thing someone didn’t sneak in a piranha! Yikes!!

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