Contamine-Sarzin, France

This one night stopover in France, on our way back to Geneva, was a wonderful family visit for my husband to spend time with his niece Cheryl and meet her new family!  Contamine-Sarzin is the hometown of her husband where his family has lived for many generations.

This visit was all about the food!!!!

Cheryl took us to Hotel Restaurant Les Rochers for dinner.  This was a traditional french dining experience with dinner lasting over three hours and local cheese served after the main entree, before dessert.  The servers paced the serving of the meal and the pouring of the wine.  Guests ate slowly, enjoying the food as well as the conversation.

The food was local and fresh, rich in flavor and texture.  The wine washed the food down, blending and enhancing the experience.  I fell in love with French cuisine in Paris and this food, this dining experience in south-eastern France, confirmed for me that French food is my favorite style of food and that I may only enjoy it as much as I do while in France……

Love, Stephanie xo

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  1. mamakenobi says:

    Stephanie, your descriptions of the place you have visited and food presentation just keep improving. This is “Fine Dining” at its best. So happy Michael met up with Cheryl, his niece. It really is a small world. Sounds like you had a great visit and did not leave hungry. Love you lots mama xoxoxoxoxo


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