Learning Kitesurfing in Qatar

Kitesurfing Fuwairit Beach

There is a large kitesurfing community in Doha.  We’d see them flying through the air at Fuwairit Beach like super heroes!!!

My Own Kitesurfing Gear

After speaking to a few women who enjoy kitesurfing, I thought it possible too! For my 47th birthday, Michael bought me kite surfing equipment!


Flora’s Kiteboarding School

And so my journey began with beginner lessons at an IKO – International Kiteboarding Organization certified school –  Flora’s Kiteboarding School.

Training Kite

Starting off I had to learn how to fly and control a training kite with specific techniques.


Land to Sea

Once I passed the land use of a training kite, I graduated to learning how to control an actual kitesurfing kite in the water. This was a totally different experience!

Body Drag

Next, was learning how to control the kite, think about the board and how to body drag.

This progressed to a continued practice of controlling the kite, body dragging and managing the board.


Feeling pumped before a session!!

Stepping on the Board

Then it was time to step on the board…..

I made it up once or twice and then became exhausted.  I started to make mistakes.  I scared myself with losing control of the kite and too many times of my face getting slammed hard into the water.

Scared, I decided to take a break……. Sad part is that I was almost there……

S, 🇶🇦

Update – Summer 2017 we bought our own training kite.  I’m starting back at the basics to get my confidence back and eventually get back on the water!

Update – January, 2019 – I’m taking a break from kitesurfing – I lost my nerve.

Update – January, 2021 – My learning to snowboard has given me back the confidence to start kitesurfing again! Well, start from the very beginning with the training kite then progress – with lessons – to the water!

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